Creating a bespoke piece of work is a wonderful honour and a particular joy for Cristiano Pierazzuoli.  Being able to express your character or deliver a special message via a precious and unique treasure, that will last for generations, is a memorable pleasure.

We will take you on a creative journey and then deliver a unique piece of art for you, your family, friend or associate to enjoy. Whether a small item or something larger, Cristiano Pierazzuoli will personally design it and then skilfully create it.

The journey begins with you contacting our Concierge Service, who will put you in touch with Cristiano Pierazzuoli to discuss your initial brief. Cristiano Pierazzuoli is also happy to accept work with a possible stone you may already own or add a special inscription to any of his works.

Once the initial direction has been established with Cristiano Pierazzuoli, he will then start crafting your personal piece of art.  We will keep you regularly updated about its progress.

The creative process and unique relationship that Cristiano Pierazzuoli develops with every one of his works is integral to the work itself. Once you have experienced being part of this special experience, we believe you will truly understand the significance and enjoyment of working directly with an artist to create a personal and unique work of art.



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